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Special Event Station GX3LQS, November 2023

This event was run to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the RAF receiving its first Typhoon on December 18th 2003.

To help commemorate this event the RAF Coningsby ARC members will be putting GX3LQS/P on the air from different locations during November & December for the Typhoons’ 20th anniversary.

Some Club members with the support of the RAF Waddington ARC operated the call from the former RAF Binbrook between the 17th to 19th November, making a total of 359 contacts on 2m FM, HF SSB and FT8. For further details visit the QRZ.com page The station setup and ready for the Special Event Station GX3LQS The picture shows the station setup at Binbrook and ready to go and we would like to thank the many stations who made the effort to contact us. Contacts have been acknowledged on esql.cc and hamlog.online and it is planned to acknowledge them on QRZ.com as well in due course.