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We are pleased to acknowledge contacts with a QSL card. If you would like a QSL card for a contact, we QSL via the RSGB QSL Bureau or via electronic EQSL.

If you wish to QSL the club direct we ask that you send a stamped addressed envelope with your QSL Card inside to the following address:

QSL Manager
RAF Waddington ARC
c/o The Pyewipe Inn
Saxilby Road
United Kingdom

Our regular QSL cards do change their design from time to time, but we also produce special cards for the Special Event Stations and demonstration events that we run over the year.

Our QSL manager, Lee Horsfall, M7LAH, can be contacted via email at: Lee.horsfall2021@outlook.com
A selection of Waddington A R C Q S L cards