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The Great Escape Family Activity Day at International Bomber Command Centre, 13th April 2024

On 13th April, members of the club were back at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln to support the learning team there with The Great Escape Free Family Activity Day

We provided 2 Morse code based “escape” activities in the IBCC suite for families, especially children, to try their hand at. Bob, G3VCA and Andy, M0IYE gave visitors the opportunity to learn some Morse code, using Aldis lamps to “signal” to an aircraft, represented by a paper image high in a window of the suite. On another table in the suite, Phil, G8KLC, and Ann, G1PRM acted as members of the resistance who helped potential “escapees” build a simple battery-powered Morse code signalling system using an LED, buzzer and switch to key the word “ESCAPE”. All these activities, with accompanying displays were much appreciated by visitors.

The Morse with Aldis lamps activity setup Andy and Phil debugging the Morse signalling system build
Aldis lamp Morse code activity table Morse signalling system build activity table