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Spring arrives at the Pyewipe shack

Members of RAF Waddington ARC took advantage of improved weather conditions to carry out some work at the shack at the Pyewipe Inn recently. The club doublet had previously been taken down, so that it would not be damaged during other necessary works at the site; following these the antenna was refurbished and replaced by Bob, G3VCA and Chris 2E0BMA.

Another project that has been in progress for some time is the installation of a QO-100 station, which has reached an important milestone with the dish antenna being bolted securely in place on the roof of the Pyewipe shack by a very capable team of club members - Andy, G0FVI, Chris 2E0BMA, John (SWL), Nicola,2E0NYH and Bob, G3VCA. There is more to do, but it is hoped to have the QO-100 station operational soon!

QO-100 dish bolted in place Doublet antenna goes back up
Chris and John installing the QO-100 dish Bob and Chris re-install the refurbished
doublet antenna